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  1. Thumbnail Crash on Dual Core fixed
  2. Size of file wrong reported
  3. Image selection bug
  4. Batch conversion wnd closes after aboting the conversion process
  5. Animated GIF does not 'play' correctly
  6. Fixed Missing files in Batch Conversion dialog[v4.00]
  7. Animated GIF issues
  8. Fixed No toolbar dialog with french language (4.00)
  9. Reported v4.23/v4.00: printer setup box will not work
  10. Window size after a slideshow
  11. Batch JPEG lossless operation problems
  12. no bug 'Ask Before Deleting' Doesn't Ask!
  13. Fixed WinXP - Crashes in Batch file operation
  14. Multiple i_view32.exe instances remain in memory after exit
  15. Fixed an animated gif works badly with IV 4.00
  16. Fixed View EXIF II and Sharpen effects
  17. Fixed EXIF Window After 'Show Text' (N key) Activated
  18. Fixed Saving transparency Seems to be broken
  19. new colour scans going greyscale
  20. Fixed Explorer hangs after quitting Irfanview
  21. IV 4.00: Problems with MRUD
  22. iview thumbnail closes
  23. command line substitution for /scan
  24. Fixed Toolbar and Statusbar disappears
  25. Fixed Cropping of very large images doesn't work
  26. OGG volume
  27. OGG Vorbis (FMOD) sampling frequency
  28. Fixed EPS Decode Error !
  29. IV 4.00 Missing Video Slider
  30. Reported Thumbnail Browser can't surf in local network folders...
  31. Fixed batch options nor working for power user
  32. IV 4.00 buggy? 100% CPU
  33. viewer app quits as soon as it displays image
  34. Yet another GIF problem
  35. swf doesnt work
  36. MP3 Playlist not fully supported in V4
  37. MP3 ID3v 2 tags not supported in V4
  38. Italian language dll bug
  39. Reported V4.25 ... V4.00 Colorspace CMYK problem
  40. Interface lockup when clicking both mousebuttons simulatenously
  41. IV unable to find effects.dll
  42. View Display Resample
  43. Fixed v4.23/v4.00: Thumbnail mode crashing in Vista32
  44. Selection bug in v4.00
  45. Screensaver-file doesn't work in Windows Vista
  46. Bug in Batch UI - Buttons move on resize
  47. Acquire close the irfan view window
  48. Slideshow audio formats
  49. Bug - Slideshow File Errors (/silent)
  50. Bug in Export to HTML
  51. Garbage appears in tooltip in thumbnail view
  52. thumbnail crash when avi-file is present
  53. Problem opening .mov file
  54. old plugins in the plugin package 4.00?
  55. Thumbnails select all and JPG lossless transformations
  56. slow viewing/scrolling with more always on top windows
  57. Create Panorama Causes Crash of IView
  58. Virus in Irfanview - Language section
  59. Outlook Express Image Attachments Don't Display
  60. Images are too wide in fullscreen with Fit to screen: all images/movies.
  61. Effect browser, can't save the file
  62. show does not stop when viewer window closed
  63. (NO) thumbnail crashing on Quad core
  64. Can't load PlugIn: "FORMATS.DLL" !
  65. Windows Vista Icon?
  66. Deletion bug and Vista
  67. Cannot Run Batch Operations
  68. Overlay Text is Added to Panorama Images
  69. Taskbar hidden while fullscreen
  70. slideshow burn to CD
  71. Thumbnails as HTML - source image name
  72. Thumbview name
  73. Animated GIF Bugs
  74. Batch Rename
  75. Playing OGG
  76. Command line use changes INI options
  77. Display bug when using alpha-blending on 2nd monitor
  78. 4.10 bug
  79. "Open with external editor" doesn't work
  80. 4.1 toolbox bug
  81. Convert in serie
  82. Fixed v4.10 Thumbnail Crash
  83. Zoom Bug
  84. Zoom to Original Size Shortcut in Fullscreen
  85. Lost drag n drop in 4.1 thumbnail viewer?
  86. Settings, small issues
  87. Can no longer use command line options with External editor
  88. Full Screen Fit-to-Screen Bug
  89. Zoom Window bug
  90. Irfanview crashes in Vista
  91. Viewing network folders in thumb viewer?
  92. Batch scanning not incrementing
  93. Custom selections
  94. EMAIL mime type
  95. Zoom/Crop Selection in IV 4.10
  96. Edit Palette Problem 4.1, 3.99
  97. Palette Import Bug 3.99->4.00
  98. "Rotate" doesn't rotate the thumbnail on XP
  99. Search in Help Doesn't Work
  100. IPTC Information Dialogue
  101. IV skips around mulitple monitors on XP
  102. Crop bug in Batch Conversion
  103. various issues
  104. Reporting Bugs
  105. Custom Rotation not work when user is a restricted user
  106. Opening Files on Desktop
  107. Wrong filelist in filter dialog
  108. Cannot scroll to top of image
  109. v4.20 Custom Selection Size Changes Slightly
  110. Wrong position of "Save" Dialogs on Dual Monitor
  111. if my display is rotated some pics are displayed off centre in fullscreen view
  112. Slideshow Sound
  113. Thumbnails Cache Very Slowly
  114. Autoslideshow keeps running
  115. A problem in scrolling tif file
  116. Load Thumbs from All Subfolders Checkmark
  117. Cannot extract frames as GIF from animated GIF
  118. Send short file name not working
  119. Multi monitor refresh problem
  120. swf loops
  121. tif file display problem
  122. Tiff compression issue
  123. Another Tiff display problem
  124. batch processing and subdirectory tree
  125. Image is very small in fullscreen mode by default
  126. Loosing small selection
  127. Can only view single images - always at image 0/0 in my list
  128. 4.1 Slideshow video problem
  129. 4.1 problem: insert text
  130. changed palette in some *.jpg
  131. Problems in formats.dll plugin
  132. Alpha problems
  133. Enhance colors / Save values on exit
  134. OGG Playback Bug - 4.10
  135. JPG lossless rotation
  136. Slideshow image number field limit
  137. Full (Rotated Display) Screen Fit-to-Screen Bug
  138. batch convert does not work in restricted user mode (XP)
  139. IPTC tag name errors and other points
  140. Crash When Loading Thumbnails from Entire Hard Disk
  141. IV crashes when trying to re-save a NEF
  142. Out of memory (not!)
  143. Batch conversion: color depth decreasing should be applied last
  144. *.txt files problem
  145. EXIF color saturation not reported properly
  146. GIF animation problem
  147. Half Undo
  148. batch rename w/ long filenames
  149. Cropping A4 Pic Problem
  150. JPG Lossless Rotation via EXIF Orientation no workie
  151. Random misses of multiple JPG Lossless Rotations via Thumbnails View
  152. Plugin Adobe Flash
  153. Display Pixel values in title bar
  154. Windows XP partial number sorting
  155. JPEG lossless rotate non-op from thumbnail view v4.10
  156. IrfanView crashes when playing new MPG files on my Vista PC
  157. decode error
  158. Black Vertical Line After Resampling
  159. Return to IV 4.00
  160. Irfanview 4.10 crashing in XP while saving files
  161. Not saving EXIF data
  162. Confirmed loses tiff EXIF data
  163. Batch conversion/renaming: placeholder "$D" contains wrong path ( : replaced by _ )
  164. IV Help screen opens under task bar
  165. Hibernation in Vista changes window geometry
  166. /extract with ) in path name
  167. Copying using drag and drop
  168. Decrease color depth in File -> Batch conversion
  169. Wrong Thumbnails display in Explorer
  170. Canon RAW (CR2) file issues
  171. Menu Bar is Erratic in Vista
  172. Context menu in fullscreen does not work.
  173. i_view32.exe application error
  174. Lanczos Resample filter: Artifacts at 110%
  175. Folders marked "in use" after batch
  176. Batch conversion of files on desktop
  177. Bug in removing files from Batch dialog
  178. IrfanView has stopped working
  179. Toolbar separators disappear
  180. CR2 support - incorrect size reported
  181. Nikon D300 NEF / RAW doesn´t work
  182. Capture: only part of the window is captured
  183. Images modified by Irfanview can't be reloaded into my camera
  184. capture bug on multimonitor setups!
  185. Delay in toolbar options being active
  186. 256x256 Icon not recognized
  187. CR2 format: auto-detect of orientation doesn't work
  188. Irfanview does not really exit when hitting ESC
  189. '?' appended to every exif comment
  190. Can't put MP3 in exe/scr slideshow
  191. Forwarded Decode Error on loading DDS (Driect Draw) Files
  192. Memory Bug on Big Images
  193. Font size error
  194. v4.20 Not able to "save" or "save as"
  195. Fixed V4.10: IrfanView crashes with BMP file
  196. ICC profile in slideshow
  197. Fullscreen "resample" option not working
  198. Vista Lockup
  199. Can,t minimise Main window FLV player follows
  200. long images cannot scroll
  201. IPTC in Nikon NEF disappears afetr adding GPS data
  202. CTRL+H not working with thumbnail open
  203. 4.20 raw rotation bug
  204. 4.20 Installation bugs
  205. v4.20 vista installation problem
  206. v4.20 multicore crash issue
  207. 4.20 - Color corrections
  208. 4.20 - EXE Slideshow crashes
  209. 4.2 mouse scrollwheel not working properly in full view.
  210. Crash with the mov files
  211. right click crash
  212. Scrolling Japanese Folders is Erratic
  213. 16 bit color depth silently reduced
  214. Panning Malfunction using ALT + Right Click and Drag
  215. EXIF information not saved
  216. Shortcuts not working in internal video player
  217. Slideshow Foldername Length 4.20
  218. Thumbnail and IrfanView crash V4.20
  219. No ICC profile conversion for JPEG2000 an HD Photo
  220. no pictures show in thumbnail view
  221. Open/save dialog add-on problem, unicode plugin
  222. Fixed Unable to View Short Text Files
  223. Reported A bug of unicode plugin
  224. v4.20 FileRename Window changes its position
  225. Custom Canvas Colours Not Saved
  226. v4.20 /batchscan option and i_view32.exe hang
  227. Bug with alternative Windows themes
  228. Directory File List Error
  229. Print - Paper not defaulting to Letter
  230. Menu Access Keys on All Menu Items
  231. v4.20 Wrong image sometimes selected when switching to thumbnails
  232. Irfanview crashes when playing mpg movies
  233. Crash when deleting file
  234. v. 4.20: crash when moving top edge of selected area downward
  235. v4.20 settings dialog not full visible
  236. Zoom Bug Continued!
  237. JPEG Thumbnails Smaller than Option Setting
  238. Zoom bugs
  239. Status Bar, zoom value, window resize
  240. Moving selection rectangle
  241. Fit images to window buggy in dual monitor setup
  242. 8bit TIFF white bottom band
  243. v4.20 "Fit to window" doesn't fit to maximized window
  244. Conflict Between RIOT and Unicode Plugins
  245. IV Thumbnails crash w/movie thumbnails
  246. Slideshow Doesn't Stop with Escape
  247. v4.20 External editors inaccessible
  248. Slideshow: EXIF Data dialogbox doesnt show
  249. Rotated and saved .jpg file will not appear that way in Slideshow
  250. v4.20 TIF & IPTC not working/broken