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  1. Requested Oversize printing
  2. Requested Step through animated GIFs
  3. Requested Open "not-a-picture" with external editor
  4. Requested Send the current on-screen portion
  5. Requested Capture tone
  6. Supported Look Inside Zip Files
  7. Requested Redo
  8. Requested Incremental gamma adjust
  9. Forwarded Allow Toolbar Customisation
  10. Requested connection to Project Dogwaffle?
  11. Requested To enhance cropping options...
  12. Implemented Unicode Filenames
  13. Requested Fit image...
  14. Rejected Image caching
  15. Requested Properties layout
  16. Requested Scan dimensions
  17. Requested Scan using ... not closing after a scan
  18. Requested Need to read/write IPTC in TIF/TIFF
  19. Requested More flexible text input ability
  20. Requested Disable "unknown file format" alert
  21. Requested Paste in Full Screen
  22. Requested Request for the main site: The links on the left
  23. Requested All processing options from Command Line
  24. Requested Animated GIF Feature Requests
  25. Requested Context Menu Converting
  26. Implemented Redefining Hotkeys
  27. Requested Paste option
  28. Requested Create html slideshow
  29. Requested Slideshow transitions
  30. Requested non-admin batch mode conversion
  31. Requested Irfanview Internet Browser Intercept
  32. Requested Thumbnail drag abd drop behavior
  33. Requested 32bit bmp alpha
  34. Requested View large images more quickly
  35. Requested EXIF Modification (Single and Batch)
  36. Requested "Lock Zoom" No return to top left
  37. Requested Filter dialog improvements
  38. Requested Ignore files generated by mac photoshop
  39. Requested Batch User Interface & Single Resize Options (Std Dim)
  40. Implemented APNG support
  41. Requested Watermarking
  42. Requested Ignoring video (or other formats)
  43. Requested Thumbnail view using embedded thumbnail
  44. Requested Jump to folder in thumbnail treeview and drag'n'drop between instances or from find
  45. Requested JP2 preview
  46. Requested JP2 plugin
  47. Requested Create a Image Thumbnail gallery from a video
  48. Requested Option to retain default windows image icons
  49. Requested Option to Configure program contols
  50. Requested View MHTML and HTML files (nice idea)
  51. Requested Border line to images when viewing
  52. Requested read new files
  53. Requested command line options request for slide show CDrom drive
  54. Implemented Capture Scrolling Window
  55. Requested More palette options
  56. A word to the over-eager
  57. Road Kill Cat Icon
  58. Requested 32bit floating point TIFF support?
  59. Requested Explore/Browse File Location : If you please!
  60. Requested command line insert text in selection
  61. Requested In-memory Format conversion (without saving file)
  62. Requested 3 Feature Requests
  63. Requested "Save changes?" warning question
  64. Requested Selection locking
  65. Requested Show the histogram
  66. Requested Selection feature
  67. Requested 48-bit Color Precision
  68. Requested improving batch rename function
  69. Requested Enahance Thumbnails Batch options
  70. Requested Thumbnail Viewer Batch Enhancement #2
  71. Requested Batch Enhancement
  72. Requested left button for enlarge image as magnifier
  73. Requested Green eye reduction...
  74. Requested Open new image
  75. Requested Name the install file irfanview(ver#)_setup.exe
  76. Requested Drag and drop suport for thumbnails
  77. Requested Open with ....
  78. Requested Center Mouse Key
  79. Requested Pixel data
  80. Requested MDI format
  81. Requested more command line options for batch conversion
  82. Requested option to remove formats from save-as drop-down
  83. Requested Undo last delete
  84. Requested Better Browsing
  85. Requested [Save as] in IrfanView
  86. Requested Command line option to run Comment dialog
  87. Requested Custom selection extras
  88. Requested Option to disable all messages
  89. Requested Sony *.arw RAW files support
  90. Requested Improve Print Preview
  91. Requested Make Enhance Colors Screen Expandable
  92. Requested Reposition mouse to zoom buttons after clicked
  93. Requested Just stop after last file in directory
  94. Requested built in preview screen
  95. Requested Limit browsing and change window's color
  96. Requested JPEG Optimize: Don't make files larger
  97. Requested Batch conversion output folder
  98. Requested Append to current slideshow
  99. Requested Don't Resize Window on Show/Hide Toolbars
  100. Rejected Porting to Linux or MacOS X
  101. Requested Corel photopaint extension cpt
  102. Requested Constrain selection
  103. Requested change font color in thumbnail browser?
  104. Requested End Of Folder
  105. Requested Number of copies on one page
  106. Requested 5x7 custom crop ratio
  107. Requested Support of PNG ancillary information
  108. Requested Vista large icons support
  109. Requested Batch Alternative to Jpeg
  110. Requested Print Dialog "Save Settings" button?
  111. Requested Irfan Printer (Virtual printer driver)
  112. Requested Threshold feature
  113. Requested Auto-Rotate of Canon Raw Files
  114. Requested Reading *.flv
  115. Requested Reconsidering the 8bf-plugin situation
  116. Requested Would like to see Irfanviews GS support updated
  117. Requested higher quality/resolution icon for Irfanview
  118. Requested Pocket PC Bitmap - 2bp support
  119. Requested Cannot open paths containing U+2215 character
  120. Requested Batch settings that can be stored/loaded via template?
  121. Requested 'Save As' name
  122. Requested Watermark
  123. Requested Two monitors support improvements
  124. Requested EXIF rename and move
  125. Requested Plugin zip files
  126. Requested support 3D PDF
  127. Requested OpenGL enhancement in viewing/zooming into images
  128. Requested Zoom 200%
  129. Rejected .xcf files support
  130. Implemented A "Save for Web" function!
  131. Requested Alpha Blending to Slideshow
  132. Requested Smooth pans and zooms, auto-pans and zooms
  133. Implemented Effects Undo Button
  134. Requested Selected check box for batch.
  135. Requested Orthographic corrector in IPTC formular
  136. Requested List of IPTC keyword
  137. Requested bypass embedded tif in nef preview
  138. Requested Crop to current view
  139. Requested Remove border
  140. Requested file list in slideshow window
  141. Requested Thumbnail browser improvements
  142. Requested Fullscreen with advanced batch options
  143. Requested Create slideshow with any media type by just copying media to folder
  144. Requested Save as PNG (slow process) as independent process
  145. Requested One button duplicate file
  146. Requested Command Line Option: capture and convert, but not close irfanview
  147. Requested Zoom w/ mouse (without holding Ctrl)
  148. Requested More Printing Options
  149. Requested Saving/Reloading "Save As" option "groups" or "profiles"
  150. Requested Request: Make IrfanView work with Vista's saved-searches (*.search-ms)
  151. Requested Dual Monitor Slideshow
  152. Requested asian encoding file name
  153. Requested Area selection
  154. Forwarded Need Alpha Channel Support in PNG images
  155. Rejected Mac version and/or OpenSource
  156. Requested Would love 'one-stop photo fix'
  157. Requested Slow to respond when directory has lots of files
  158. Requested Feature Request: 3Dconnexion SpaceNavigator Support
  159. Requested Different icons for different file types
  160. Requested Slideshow returning Value
  161. Requested Req: Adding to buttons in main viewer for Alpha/RGB
  162. Requested rotating images
  163. Requested Viewing jpgs on a Canon IXUS screen
  164. Requested Display the frame rate a movie is actually playing at
  165. Forwarded Disable option to Set as Wallpaper
  166. Requested Contrary of Always on Top
  167. Requested Support the Free Lossless Audio Codec (FLAC)
  168. Requested extend batch formats
  169. Requested Center shortcut and [View][Display Options][Default Size] &[Center Image]
  170. Requested Color Space Aware
  171. Requested Panoramarama
  172. Requested Multi Display Support
  173. Requested Nudge selection
  174. Requested Alpha blending
  175. Requested Undo insert text into selection without affecting selection!
  176. Requested Control of Sharpen
  177. Requested Customizing thumbnails view
  178. Implemented Open (in) new window
  179. Requested Reopening IrfanView while 1 instance checked
  180. Requested Lossless JPG and Cropping
  181. Requested button to switch between rgb and alpha
  182. Requested EXIF info
  183. Requested HP's .pvm files
  184. Requested Mutex "overwrite" and "delete original"
  185. Requested TWAIN source selection via commandline switch
  186. Requested Geocoded photographs
  187. Requested Printing Multipage TIFF
  188. Requested Batch
  189. Requested Page thumbnails
  190. Requested command-line canvas specification
  191. Requested Irfan 4.10 FLV
  192. Requested irfan update feature?
  193. Rejected Option to disable scroll wheel next/prev but not next/prev buttons
  194. Requested Grid Transparency Setings
  195. Requested Golden Thirds?
  196. Requested Save Button Behaviour
  197. Requested IV 4.10 - A couple of feature requests!
  198. Requested Correct CMYK previews
  199. Requested add the "save to file" checkbox
  200. Requested Menu/option improvements, external editor
  201. Requested Add "Save all changes" and "Discard all changes" feature
  202. Requested Resize/Resample Presets
  203. Requested cpt-Support
  204. Requested Randomize switch
  205. Requested Additional Thumbnail Feature
  206. Forwarded Browsing RAR/ZIP archives with Irfanview
  207. Requested Consistent shortcuts for browsing pictures
  208. Requested adding "Auto rotate using EXIF" to batch conversion options
  209. Requested Dual Monitor Support
  210. Requested Preset Image resize feature request
  211. Requested Slideshow order.
  212. Requested SELECTION TOOLS for masking
  213. Requested Exif Info: GPSTimeStamp and GPSDateStamp
  214. Requested Enhance Colors dialog improvements
  215. Requested Switch to Naked window
  216. Requested GPS EXIF data geolocation
  217. Requested Tag/mark picture with ranking (1 to 3 stars)
  218. Requested Save Values checkbox for Custom selection
  219. Requested Configurable thumbnail browsing
  220. Requested Relative zoom calculation: a drawback
  221. Requested How about an Album capability?
  222. Requested Wipe files on Delete
  223. Requested Marks, remarks and barks
  224. Requested Image Caption Quick Edit
  225. Requested Quit IV on ESC w/o warning only if the image hasn't changed
  226. Requested Reverse the batch GUI
  227. Requested Batch dialog
  228. Requested Decrease color depth using palette
  229. Requested Four suggestion at once
  230. Requested hungarian letters
  231. Requested Video Pause
  232. Requested Save file - still "not a file"
  233. Requested BMP - RLE compression
  234. Requested 8BF filter dialogs revisited
  235. Requested .CDR support?
  236. Requested relative paths in slideshows
  237. Requested DAte Change of files
  238. Requested EXIF data in thumbnails view?
  239. Requested Arrange Order of Images (for batch rename & slide show)
  240. Requested Copy name and full path to clipboard
  241. Requested ICC color profile indicator
  242. Requested Support for Itunes itc files
  243. Requested Indication for tagged files
  244. Requested No "undo" after enlarging resize area
  245. Requested Improve "Ask to overwrite file for save"
  246. Requested Slide advancement every 24 hours
  247. Requested "Create shortcut..." function like "Copy File..."
  248. Requested Plugin / internal function to view "Thumbs.db"
  249. Requested Feature request: fit image to window width
  250. Requested Black Border Removal