View Full Version : if my display is rotated some pics are displayed off centre in fullscreen view

10.11.2007, 06:05 PM

my screen is a 17" 5:4 monitor with a resolution of 1280*1024. if i use display rotation - in this case 270° - some pictures no longer display in the middle of the screen. instead, they originate from the [now] top-left corner and extend beyond the right hand side of my screen view; the physical top of my monitor. i have tested the automatic monitor control and placement doesn't appear to be linked to a refresh rate issue.

i have attached two jpeg files: 1.jpg displays fine and 2.jpg exhibits the problem i describe.
note: i have the "fit to screen: all images/movies" option selected under the full screen options tab.

despite this minor problem, keep up the good work. i have used your software for a long time now :D


Win XP Pro w/ SP 2 & all updates to date
latest standalone ATi display driver (v7.10) + latest ATi Tray Tools (v1.3.6.1042) in place of Catalyst Control Centre
display settings: 1280*1024; 32bit; 75Hz (rotated through 270°)