View Full Version : PCX files giving same page over and over

27.10.2017, 09:40 PM
I am using the command line like so: C:\test.pcx /silent /page=1 /convert=C:\test1.jpg
this works on many files but on some files no matter how many pages I set it always produces one page over and over again. so using /page=1 produces the same page as /page=3242 - even though there aren't that many pages. Is there some setting i am missing that will stop this? I haven't been able to successfully use the GUI and do batch conversion for JPG because it won't do multiple pcx pages. i found that using the CL does work but i am running in to this issue with many files. i had to write a script that shells the command and just attempts to create each page and normally when it attempts a page that doesn't really exist it will error (or on silent does nothing) and then i can just check to see if the page was created to know if it is done or not. obviously if it keeps creating the same page over and over again regardless of the page=value it is stuck in an endless loop...

any assistance would be appreciated.

i cannot share the files due to their content so please do not ask for an example :(

thank you

28.10.2017, 10:01 PM
The only multipage formats that I am aware of that are supported by Irfanview are TIF, PDF and JPM. I have never myself come across a multipage PCX file and did not even know that they existed.