View Full Version : how start irfanview and automatically open first file with unknown name

07.09.2019, 08:54 PM
Dear Community,

How can I start irfanView in a script and tell him to open the first file in the directory. I don't know the filenames.
I tried things like this:

"C:\Program Files\IrfanView\i_view64.exe" "C:\Users\user1\directory_with_file\%1%"

I'm grateful for any help, hannes

08.09.2019, 09:56 AM
This works for me:

"C:\Program Files\IrfanView\i_view32.exe" "C:\Users\user1\directory_with_file"

(I'm using 32bit, but that shouldn't make a difference)

08.09.2019, 11:59 AM
Hy Jazzman,
It works flawlessly, thank you. This solution is too easy to get used to when you get stuck.
many thanks to you, johannes