View Full Version : /jpgq - Try to save with original jpg quality

26.04.2020, 09:26 AM
For a special purpose I would like to use the command line to convert jpg-files to a lower jpg-quality.
I tested it and was supprised, that whatever quality-parameter I wrote (i.e. /jpgq=70) the file was saved with the original quality.

My research found the reason in the ini-file:
which you can also see in the settings while saving jpgs ( Try to save with original jpg quality).

So changing this option to "KeepQuality=0" brought the expected result in saving per command-line.

I would have expected that a convert-parameter with a /jpgq-parameter would override this setting. Normally i want this setting (Try to save with original jpg quality) while working with the gui of irfanview.
Is there no way to override this setting in the command-line?
At the moment I can only see a solution in calling a separate ini-file with the command-line.

I find it very confusing that the command-line changes the settings in the ini-file. So invoking irfanview per command-line always results in changed settings in the ini-file. I would expect that working per command-line has no influence on the settings of the gui.
Is there a way to stop this?

Bhikkhu Pesala
26.04.2020, 10:50 AM
I did not test it, but i think that would be a bug. Batch conversion works as expected provided you set the correct JPG Options.