View Full Version : Hibernation in Vista changes window geometry

06.03.2008, 10:39 AM
Hi there! Great program , IV!

My bug report is quite simple:

Windows Vista Business, IV 4.10

1- Open any image in IV (NOT in full screen).
2- Hibernate the system
3- Come back from hibernation

Let's call Before Hibernation "BH" and After Hibernation "AH".

Hibernation is supposed to leave the system in exactly the same state, and it does except for a few quirks in IV:

a- If BH the image window had both menu and caption, AH it shows smaller than it was previously, with the image partially hidden;

b- If BH the image window had only caption, but no menu, AH it shows very small, with only a minimal caption (just the minimize, maximise and close buttons, nothing else!).

c- If BH the image had no menu and no caption, AH it shows as a dot (0 width, 0 height) on the top left corner of the screen.