View Full Version : v4.20 Wrong image sometimes selected when switching to thumbnails

24.08.2008, 04:14 PM
I use the tab key to switch between the single image and thumbnail windows. In prior versions, the image selected in the thumbnail window was always the same as that shown in the single image window. In version 4.20, they aren't always the same.

My observation is that the problem is related to viewing full screen. When you go into or come out of full screen, they match. But if you advance to a new image while in full screen, the selected image in thumbnail view doesn't change.

25.08.2008, 02:40 PM
Hi cwb3016. You are right it has changed from v4.10. Whether it is a bug within the definition in the sticky is, I suppose, arguable.

There was always a difference between the windowed and fullscreen modes. From windowed mode, when you switched back to thumbnails, you saw just the current image highlighted (as you do now). From fullscreen, when you returned to thumbnails, you found that both the current image and the starting image were highlighted. Now only the starting image is highlighted when you return, which is indeed a lot less useful.

It appears to be associated with the method of highlighting. If you cancel the blue highlight before switching to main by clicking on a blank area of window (leaving just the thumbnail caption ringed) you will then find the current image is correctly highlighted on return regardless of the main display mode.

It is probably a fairly simple thing to correct but whether Irfan will consider it important enough to do so is another matter. I hope he does because I use this fullscreen/thumbnails setup quite often when giving projector shows.

25.10.2008, 04:38 PM
Quit right cwb3106. This isn't Irfan-like. And not the way a Browser should work. I don't use the Browser a lot because you can't drop and drag to another application, which is also a ‘must’ for me using a Browser. In the mean time you have to quickly use the Enter key to switch to Windows mode and return to Full Screen to avoid this bug... To my knowledge this bug has always been there, even in earlier versions.

26.10.2008, 08:39 PM
Quit right cwb3106. I don't use the Browser a lot because you can't drop and drag to another application, which is also a ‘must’ for me using a Browser.
Which Browsers can you do that with, Sjef? In some of my applications you can drag a Thumbnail to another program and in most you can drag and drop from Open and Save dialogs, but I do not think you can drag and drop from the Browser window in any of them.

(Sorry to go off topic cwb3106, but it is a while since we last heard from you on the subject).

27.10.2008, 11:14 AM
Which Browsers can you do that with, Sjef?
You can check this Drag 'n Drop option by dragging a thumbnail from Irfan's Browser to your Desktop. I think you may expect this to be possible at any browser. ACDSee can and also Jasc Media Center, FastStone Viewer, Total Commander (when used as a browser) and even XnView! Most applications accept Drag 'n Drop. I use this option lots of the time. :)

27.10.2008, 08:57 PM
Oh yes, I agree there. Dragging and dropping thumbnails to another program would be good.