View Full Version : Irfanview crashes when playing mpg movies

"Pass the Pitons" Pete
24.08.2008, 04:05 PM
Hey Irfan,

Thanks for a great program! Definitely the best program available for looking at photos and stuff. Bill Gates' stuff is terrible!

There appears to be a bug in the last few versions of Irfanview - the program crashes when I try to play mpg movies.

I will keep a bunch of movies and photos in a folder, typically jpegs, bitmaps, AVI's and mpgs. Irfanview plays everything wonderfully with just a click of the spacebar. I love the way I can just look at pictures and movies in order - quickly and easily - all in Irfanview, without having to open any other program such as Windows Media Player.

Previous versions of Irfanview played mpgs just fine - it appears to be the current version, and the second-most-current version - that crash when I play mpgs.

I should tell you that I am running Windows Vista Home Premium [what a piece of junk] and have been doing so for the last year and a half. The problem with Irfanview crashing when playing mpgs happened recently, so the problem is Irfanview, not Vista.

IS THERE AN OLDER VERSION OF IRFANVIEW AVAILABLE I COULD DOWNLOAD AND USE INSTEAD? At least I could play my mpg movies in Irfanview until such time as you get the bug fixed. Please advise.

Please fix this, and email me when you have so I can download the latest version.

Cheers, eh?

"Pass the Pitons" Pete

Bhikkhu Pesala
24.08.2008, 06:53 PM
Have you updated the plugins too? Plugins should match the release version.

Old Versions of IrfanView (http://old-versions.net/show/IrfanView/12/)

You're talking to other users here. Nothing we can do to fix bugs. If you want notification of new program version releases the easiest way is to register at Download.com.

czech mate
25.08.2008, 03:13 AM
Reload the plug-ins (the latest ones).
Failing that install VirtualDub - freeware and on the net on virtualdub.org
There are some dll files in it that seem to solve problems with some video formats running in other programs.
With this you can also screw around with .avi and .mpg files.

25.08.2008, 03:41 AM
IrfanView does not play video files by itself. The program is not a video player and always depends upon Windows (VFW) to do it.

If you select

Preferences -> Video/Sound -> Use DirectShow,

Irfan will show whatever the Media Player would. But again this is no different from launching the media player itself.