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01.06.2007, 09:22 AM
I just want to make sure that the issue described at http://irfanview-online.com/viewtopic.php?t=1439 will not be forgotten and hopefully be fixed soon.

04.06.2007, 05:47 AM
I've been following this thread since day 1, and I too have the exact same problem. IV was my #1 choice for working with screencaptures (something I do quite often) due to it's small size and fast startup, but now I must resort to Paint.net. I'd love to go back to IV but until this printscreen-paste issue is resolved I cannot.

My experiences are exactly that of RichieB and others, so no need to go into details...I'd like to skip to my proposed solution.

Apologies for sounding pretentious, but I recommend that the designer(s) of IV completely tear down and rewrite the section of code that deals with copying and pasting into and from the application. I have a feeling that this section of code might not have been examined since the early versions, and as we know much has changed in the windows environment since IV first came out!

Again, I don't mean to appear ungrateful for such a fantastic piece of software, but I really really want to see this fixed. Unfortunately, I don't think the problem can be reasonably solved by asking the end-user to do something like uninstall MS office or buy more memory. The fact remains, that whenever I (and others) get this message while trying to paste a screencapture into IV, I can immediately open up another piece of software and paste the image with no problem.

07.06.2007, 07:35 AM
Hi Laurent (if you are still watching).
I tried your suggestion of checking the behavioiur of ohter non-MS applications. So I loaded a copy of Micrografx Picture Publisher which is a graphics editing application like Photoshop and is certainly capable of pasting screen dumps into it.

Guess what! The problem IV suffers was also suffered by Picture Publisher. So to be clear, when I could no longer paste into IV, I could no longer paste into Picture Publisher.

So it seems MS products can handle whatever is in the clipboard but at least two non-MS products can't

Message for DHCP.
Like you IV was my choice as it was small, fast and capable. I still use it as my default for opening images via explorer.
Just in case you didn't know about the IV facility to capture screen dumps to files with a Hot Key combination, you may want to check that out.
I find that is still a pretty good way to work with IV. I capture the whole screen and the when you open the files later, you can crop and copy OK without the error. I know this is not quite as slick as just dumping a one-off screen capture into IV but it is still pretty slick.

Like you I am also reluctant to criticise such a good bit of software but for what it is worth I add my voice to the requrest for IV to revist their use of the clipboard.


24.01.2008, 03:47 PM
Hi !

I have this problem on my system and the culprit is Trend Micro Officescan client (ver 8.550.1001 / 4.959.00). When the services are active (trend micro realtime scan & listener service) i have the error message. When i stop them , the problem is gone. I know that this version of officescan and some previous versions have memory leak problems so i think it may be memory related but switching off the trend micro services defintively works for me.

Hope it's helps
Sorry for my bad english :(

11.02.2008, 12:47 AM
Hi Francois.

Your English is fine. Trend Micro Officescan is not used on either of the PCs I had troubles with.
I have given up on the problem for now, because I now use a very good freeware product called MWSnap for all my screen capturing.

IrfanView still works on my main PC so that's good and it can still be used for all its other features on all the PCs I use.

So thank for the information but the problem still seems to be clipboard related. I expect later versions of IrfanView will deal with this.


07.03.2008, 03:40 PM
Just to shed more light on the problem. I do have Trend Micro. Stopped the services mentioned above and now instead of CAN'T PASTE FROM CLIPBOARD I get an error that says

ERROR: Can't Allocate memory for result image(s)!
Out of memory.

06.05.2008, 09:48 PM
Hello again Irfan Viewers !

I have been using IV for some years using the same PC,
it´s a fantastic software I think.
But few weeks ago a promblem started when I am copying and pasting my photos.

For example:
I wanna cut the edges of a full size photo, this has always worked fine untill now.
I move the mouse cursor around the edges of a photo, click "cut" but now I get the warning, CAN'T COPY IMAGE TO CLIPBOARD !

i can still cut a small part of a photo.

Since this started recently, after all this time using IV, I am most curious to find the solution.
I tryed to uninstall & reinstall IV, but the problem persists.

Icelander. [/FONT]

07.05.2008, 12:45 AM
Hi Icelander,

I can't replicate this problem. I'm using version 4.10.


08.05.2008, 01:09 AM
Hello Laurent and the others.
I am using a Trend Micro internet security 2008. virus console.
Is it possible that it might be the reason for those problems ?
I saw in posts from others having simular difficulties that they were also using
Trend Micro.


08.05.2008, 09:58 AM
Hi Icelander,

To make a test, I suggest you deactivate your security software and try again to copy / paste via the clipboard.


06.12.2008, 03:21 AM
I've had the same problem. I've read the this forum and I think I know why.

The problem :
I pressed the print screen button and I tryed :
paste in Irfan View : "Can't paste image from clipboard !"
paste in Photoshop : (nothing happened)
paste in Word : working

I resized the source window and pressed Alt+Print Screen (copy active window to clipboard) :
paste in Irfan View : working
paste in Photoshop : working
paste in Word : working

I tryed lowering my resolution from 1900x1200 to 800x600 and it's working.

So I think it may be a memory overload....

07.04.2009, 04:54 PM
I have the same problem. It happens with large images. I have an image 1486x1024 and when I select a part of it (1280x1024 i.e) and try to copy to clipboard, it fails


07.04.2009, 11:47 PM
Try opening the Task Manager (CTRL+ALT+DEL) and find i_view32.exe on the Processes tab. Watch how much memory you are consuming when using IrfanView. You should also look at the Performance tab and see if you have enough memory. Maybe you are running too many programs or services for your hardware or settings.

Many times you run into trouble with Undo, which will store an entire copy of the image in memory when a change is made. So, you will be essentially doubling the memory size shown in the status bar. When doing certain operations like cut or paste, the image will change, creating an undo copy. Turn it off in Properties>Misc. 1. Other programs offer an unlimited undo feature and do not do this.

You also could try emptying the clipboard before using it by going to Edit>Clear Clipboard.

I have noticed that pasting an area from the clipboard, will initially utilize twice the memory consumed by the item on the clipboard, in addition to the constant memory usage of the clipboard item. Afterwards, the memory is unloaded, but I am not completely sure why IrfanView uses so much memory for such an operation. It might be that a copy of the clipboard is necessary to prevent loss of the information in case the clipboard were to be emptied in the midst of the operation. The other half is a mystery to me.

01.09.2009, 05:53 AM
had the same prob
i installed iv 4.25 and it was solved
still dont know the cause though

21.12.2009, 02:55 PM
I got the same error message for the first time tonight, after using IrfanView for years.
Nothing I tried worked.
I'm still using v3.95 because I like the "Enhance Colors" menu item (under Image) and that was dropped or relocated or changed in some later version I installed a couple of years ago; so I reverted to 3.95 way back then.

Tonight, I thought it might be time to reinstall IrfanView 3.95.


...You also could try emptying the clipboard before using it by going to Edit>Clear Clipboard...

... and that solved the problem!
Now, its all good and smoking again.

Thanks Skippybox - you are a champion!

27.10.2010, 08:48 PM
I had a similar issue with IV v3.99. My problem starts after several days of runtime on my laptop. On a fresh boot I can copy-paste or paste screen-shots to IV with no issues. After several days of running (and going into Standby and resuming) eventually it will quit working and give me the "can't paste image from clipboard !" error. I can still paste into Paint or Word. I just found this thread and tried upgrading to v4.27, but I get the same error. I run a lot of different software and I suspect it's a low resources issue from one or more of the programs not cleaning up after themselves. Closing several or nearly all programs doesn't help, once it's broke, it's broken until I reboot.

I'd love to see this problem fixed.


27.03.2011, 06:29 AM
I had been using AVG Pro for several years, but was recently less impressed with it. I also had found that the updates would occasionally cripple my laptop (low resources, I believe) until I rebooted. I recently removed AVG Pro and switched to MSE. I haven't had this problem with IV since. I'll keep my fingers crossed.


26.07.2014, 12:24 PM
It's back, but looks like it may be an issue with alt-PrScr. At first, IV responded with the "Can't paste..." message. I cleared the clipboard, and then it responded with "Not a file". Copying a web page with a multicolored chart and pasting into Word 2010 resulted in an all-black image. Task Manager shows about 1.5GB free. I'm going to try rebooting to see what that might do.

Windows 7 Home Premium, IV 4.38

Update: Rebooting solved the problem. I generally never reboot, so bit-rot eventually rears its ugly head.