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C Martin
25.07.2007, 10:40 PM
I am a long time user of IV, always recommending it to new users. One very nice feature is the ability to create a new slidehow (the 'current slideshow') on the fly.

However, the 'Append to current slideshow' functionality would benefit from a few tweaks/fixes. Currently, pressing F4 adds the image in IV main window to the current slideshow; this is very useful. However, users would not know htis unless they look at the 'Keyboard Shortcuts' under Help, since there is no equivalent menu item for F4 functionality. Perhaps under File, Edit, or Image menu, an item could be added for 'Append to current slideshow (F4)'

In Thumbnail view, there actually is a menu item 'File|Append Selected Files to Current Slideshow', but, strangely, F4 is not bound to this item. I often want to browse multiple folders to quickly build a slideshow using the Thumbnail view, but each time I select one or more thumbs, I have to pull down 'File" and chose 'Append' to append the selected thumbs. Even more frustrating, the menu item for 'Append...' does not even have a highlighted letter, so a mouse MUST be used to select it. Tedious at beset. It would be MUCH easier if F4 worked in Thumbnails the same way it does in IV main window: add the selected thumb(s) to the current slidehow.

The really strange part is this (perhaps this belong in bugs forum?). If you press F4 while in Thumbnail view, IV adds the image currently in the MAIN window to the slideshow, ignoring any selected thumbs. Even stranger, if you use the directory tree in Thumb view to move to a folder with no images, the main window will go blank (as expected), and the thumbnail list will be empty, and if you press F4, the previous file which WAS in the main window (but is no longer) will be added to the current slideshow! Not at all what one would expect.

So, my feature request:

Implement 'Append to current slideshow' using F4 (no mouse required) in both the IV Main window AND in Thumb view in a consistent (and very useful) manner. In Main window (where it should be added as a menu item), add the current file (as now), and in Thumb view, add the currently seleted thumb(s) to current slidehow (or add nothing if no thumbs selected). At the very least, please add an underlined character to the 'Append...' item in the Thumbnail File menu to enable user to more quickly (and easily) add selected thumbs to current slideshow.

26.07.2007, 12:56 AM
Good suggestion, IMHO, I'm all for sparing my mouse extra work. And thanks for the reminders of overlooked features.

03.09.2007, 12:39 PM
That sounds like a cool suggestion (and even hearing about F4, which I didn't know, was good news!). I would like to add two thoughts:
1) A visible marker in Thumbnails view, to show if an image is in the (current) slideshow or not. This could be as simple as a little checkbox, and probably be toggled using F4.
2) A "remove from slideshow" option while viewing (in window or full screen mode), so you can quickly remove images from your current show.

Actually, I still go and copy all pictures into a seperate directory, and the remove the "bad" ones, as the slideshow handling is too awkward for me. When having a "remove from slideshow" option, I could make this process a lot easier (and waste less disk space).