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27.01.2009, 01:44 PM
My DVD player plays jpegs. I can scan slides, burn them onto a CD, play them OK .....no problem.
But when I burn a CD of digital photos from my computer, the DVD opens the file, showes the title, plays about 3 pics and then freezes up.
Is this a file size issue? Can I change the file size on a bunch of photos on the computer thru a batch process of some sort ?(if this is the solution)

27.01.2009, 06:21 PM
I don't think this a file size issue.
If you want to change it anyway, IrfanView has the batch tool for this.

So far, that's all I can say, because I have no information about the circumstances.
The way of burning, as data, or as DVD ? what's : 'scan slides' ?
The DVD opens what file ?

29.01.2009, 02:03 PM
Many thx for comments. Basically ,I'm trying to find a way to preserve my extensive photo/slide collection, and essentially also a way to view easily and conveniently without setting up projecter, screen etc as we did years back.I have used my scanner to scan slides (that I took years ago) onto the desktop, and then burnt onto a CD. I have also had this done commercially as for me it v. laborious my end. I have taken 100 slides ( say from 1980,) and the store has scanned them using some sort of batch process onto a CD. These discs play fine in my DVD player......could be 100 images, but no problem. It will show them all. Not always great resolution though, especially on a large HD TV.
However all recent albums on my computer are images taken with a digital camera. If I burn 100 of these (say the 2004 collection), and then put the burnt CD or the burnt DVD into the DVD player, it will show the first 3 pics and then stop. I have waited thinking that it is just slow in reading the files, but no luck. It then freezes up.
Additionaly I had also hit on the idea of saving time by projecting the slides onto the screen and then taking photos of the slides, then transfering to the desktop and then burning onto a CD. I could still do this as and have a disc which could be played on the computer, but I wanted to be able to play the disc in the comfort of the living room on the DVD player, and now I'm wondering if that would work. My main efforts now though are in the area of getting the burnt CD of recent digital images already on the computer to play in the DVD player.
Sorry to be long winded, but those are the details of what I'm trying to do. If you have any thoughts it would be very much appreciated.

29.01.2009, 07:43 PM
Your problem may be very difficult to diagnose. There are just so many variables involved. What you should do is read your DVD player's manual to see what it supports. Every player is ridiculously different. What is your specific model anyway? It's possible that your player supports DVDs with JPEGs and PhotoCDs, but other formats aren't. Remember, there are many types of CDs and DVDs. You might go to a store and see if another player plays your disc with no problem. Then you'll know it's your machine and decide if you want to replace it with a more advanced one.

If the player does support your disc, then there are several compatibility issues that can arise. Sometimes it's the number of JPGs, the extension, the resolution, the JPGs themselves, what software saved them, how you burned the disc, what software burned it, etc. You have to examine in a systematic manner each aspect of what you did and isolate the factor that is causing it. Diagnosis isn't always easy, sometimes you have to try many things to get something to work. Basically, you need to find what works and figure out what it takes to get a disc like yours not to. Logic is key. Make sure you are doing things in the right order, like don't troubleshoot the files before checking if the disc type is compatible. Next, try some new JPGs that you batch convert in IrfanView. Go from there.

If you want to skip getting the JPEG feature to work, you could try slideshow software for disc media. These are very good, as they allow much creativity. Most of it is commercial software, but there are a few demo and free titles out there. You also can get some included with a device you buy. Some software can make albums with menus, slideshow movies, or just manually browsed slides. You may even have some software on your computer already. Generally you have to pay, since you can make some pretty amazing discs for distribution purposes.

Your other option is to go the more expensive route and buy some equipment that let's you stream content right to the tv. There are several types, some essentially mini-computers that integrate with the tv, others that are quite tiny. The great thing about these is that your images will be larger and higher in quality since they can take advantage of the display resolution of your screen. Discs have limited space and consequently have limitations on resolution and quality. Sometimes a just a cable can do it.

Scanning 35mm slides with a scanning adapter is better than the camera idea, but yes, time consuming. You want high-resloution for archiving, but lower resolution for a disc, so that images load faster. TVs can't display such large images and if you don't zoom while browsing you don't need the extra resolution anyway.

08.02.2009, 05:40 PM
Many thx for your reply and great info. Yes, I had resolved myself to a careful systematic diagnosis, along the lines that you suggested.Thanks also for comments regards external players as such. Very interesting.
Here's what happenned........I suddenly realized that I have inputs on the DVD player for flash cards. I bought a 1 GB SD card, and I also purchased a doodad that accomodates the flash card one end , and has a USB connection the other end. I then dragged and dropped a file of photos onto to the flash card. I put the flash card in to the DVD player, and viola!, it recognized the card, and all the photos, and viola!, I was able to open up a slide show. And the resolution is good. It still does a few strange things, e.g. it still to a small degree rearranges the order of a few photos, there will be a couple of winter shots in the middle of the summer photos........and I cannot seem to manipulate the order of the photos, but all in all it a success.

10.02.2009, 10:19 PM
That is good that you found a workaround using another feature of your player. It is quite often that players cannot sort files the same as your operating system can. Windows uses a sophisticated method to achieve it's sort order, so expecting a DVD player to do it is silly. If you rename the files to a more standard naming system, it might help the compatibility. You may need to change how your numbers are padded and things like that.

Using a streaming device on a network might solve some of those problems as well. But, I wouldn't know for sure. If you are really interested and have the money, you might look into a solution like this at an electronics store or in a catalog.

13.03.2009, 05:46 AM
Can i play music with JPEG files when i play them on DVD player? I like to write my photos as jpegs to CD ROMS and play them on my DVD player and display them the TV.Is there a programme I can use to add music to the presentation so when the DVD player reads and displays the jpegs I can also hear music? I hope this makes sense.Thanks. Kings

13.03.2009, 02:25 PM
Yes, many available. Just search the web. Some free, but the better ones are usually commercial or bundled with products.