View Full Version : Size of file wrong reported

01.06.2007, 01:50 PM
I will describe in the next sentences a bug (minor one, but still a bug) I have discovered and reproduced in the version 3.98, 3.99 and 4.00. First, I will describe the settings:
Options -> Properties -> Misc. 1 -> Ask to overwrite file for "Save" and "Save as" is not marked;
Options -> Properties -> Misc. 1 -> Display "Save"-dialog for "File->Save" is not marked
Now, open an image, make a crop and press CTRL+S (or save). If the dialog to save the image does not appear the old size of the file will still be displayed. Pressing again CTRL+S (without doing anything this time!) the new size of file is displayed correctly. This fact suggests that with the aforementioned settings, when NO save dialog is displayed it should be entered a "refresh" command for the file size. If the save dialog is displayed, then everything works fine. If not, then one should save the file twice in order to get the correct file size.