View Full Version : Rename based on shoot-date?

17.02.2009, 11:43 AM
Can IrfanView rename photos based on the "shoot" date (i.e. date they were taken)? Also can IrfanView import photos and create folders based on the "shoot" date?

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17.02.2009, 07:24 PM
Yes, you can use batch rename to rename photos based on the date they were taken. You would use the rename pattern $E36867 (DateTimeOriginal). With placeholders: $E36867(%Y%m%d). Look in help for more patterns.

IrfanView, like most programs, cannot filter your photos automatically based on filedata. You can however in IrfanView search (CTRL+F) for files based on filedata, like EXIF and move (F7) / copy(F8) the files yourself. Move/Copy allows you to specify up to 14 folders each that you can quickly access! Most programs can only do minimal filtering and only create subfolders based on transfer date.