View Full Version : Acquire close the irfan view window

06.08.2007, 02:10 PM
In order to scan Images I'm used to open Irfan View (most of the times I dblclick on some pictures on my desktop) then File> Acquire then I click OK in the Aquire/Batch scaning Setup Window.
After I click on the OK button irfan view is closing unexpected.

However if I open irfan view by shortcut (not loading an image) I'm able to go to the scanner interface and everything is ok.

But if I'm opening it by loading an image I have the problem explained above.

That's it... :D

07.08.2007, 05:42 AM
It is probably related to scanner driver and/or other operating system factors, like a Windows system file being the wrong version. The number of possible variables is staggering. :(

I have always opened a "clean" empty window for scanning, as far as I can recall. Just now I tried it with an image opened first. There was no difficulty even though my scanner is in an odd mood and seems to need reinstalling.