View Full Version : High Speed USB Modem

26.02.2010, 05:43 PM
Just got to test the ZTE AC2726 high-speed USB Modem. Made in China, quirky to install and almost nothing by way of a Manual. (Most of the Chinese manuals I have seen were quite poorly written, so I do not miss this too much)

Promises 20X speed (they don't say over what!), claims to give up to of 3.1 Mbps download speed (now, that's more measurable, isn't it!), but actually does close to 1.5 Mbps when I checked on speedtest.net. For the first time, I got through nearly 2 minutes of video on YouTube, before it went into 'buffer mode'!

Not bad I'd say, except that the ISP milks users by way of rental and usage charges! However if the organization is paying, its great to have around, provided you live and work in areas that have decent signal strength!