View Full Version : slideshow burn to CD

Mark Wheatley
28.09.2007, 01:33 PM
A slideshow can contain images with the same filename but in different directories (e.g. "c:\dir1\image.jpg" and "c:\dir2\image.jpg"). The slideshow works OK because "slideshow.txt" includes the pathnames.
When you "burn to CD" then all the images are put in the same "Images" directory on the CD, and duplicate filenames are renamed to avoid clashes (e.g. the second instance of "image.jpg" is changed to "image2.jpg").
That's fine, exept that the "slideshow.txt" file burnt onto the CD does not have the renamed entries but instead has multiple entries to the one name (e.g. "..\Images\image.jpg" appears twice instead of separate "..\Images\image.jpg" and "..\Images\image2.jpg").

(using Irfanview 4.00 with Nero 6.6)