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03.10.2007, 03:01 AM
1) I open IV with 'pic02.jpg'.
2) Open thumbnail view with 'T' with all the files in the dir where 'pic02.jpg' is.
3) I select 'pic05.jpg'.
4) with r-click I choose 'Save selected thumbnails as an image'.
5) Then in the save dialog the string 'pic02.jpg' is still there, so the wrong name to save.
If this is cancelled, both 2 and 5 stay selected.

03.10.2007, 08:15 AM
You have had to choose ‘Save selected thumbs as a single image’. Then the file name gets the -t(humbnail) addition too. ‘Save selected thumbs as an image’ is used to save an increased number of thumbs all together in one image, getting the default file name of the image you started with (in your case pic02.jpg).

IrfanView ‘remembers’ the selections of an IV session. Select all the thumbs with Ctrl+A and shut off the Thumbnails view (Esc key). Than hit T again and all the thumbs are still selected. That's the way Irfan wants you to be accustemed to.

You can ‘fool’ IV by making a shortcut » i_view32.exe /thumbs « at your desktop (or -in your case- in the menubar of TotalCMD). Then you'll get no default name pic02.jpg. :)

04.10.2007, 01:23 AM
You're right, my mistake.

I already fooled IV manually by opening it with nothing, hit 'T' and choose the tree view to pick some directory.
(It was a test, the 'default' name was just because I opened IV by d-clicking on pic02.jpg, not being the 1st file in the dir)

Btw Good idea about the command-line. I already have 3 versions of IV in my menubar, the one with IP, the 'bare' one without plugins, only with languages, and the version with all the plugins. With this 4th one I could directly test command-line behaviour.

04.10.2007, 10:19 AM
Yes, that's my configuration of IV too, and a few older ones to be able to compare the options: version 1.99, 3.25, 3.99 and a standard 4 (with a read-only ini). All together seven IrfanView's and one Irfan-Thumbsviewer. :p

Keep in mind that when you make changes in another but your own ‘user’ version, the associations can be confused (in the Registry). In that case start your user version again, go to Extensions and hit OK. :)

05.10.2007, 03:06 AM
You're right. In earlier attempts to run 'parallel' versions I noticed the possible conflicts about file-associations.
So now, the other versions are not installed, but just the proper exe-file is copied in its new root directory.
Without touching the file-associations of that version dialog in each case.