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20.05.2011, 02:20 PM

when i manually print a image using Irfanview, i find the option "best fit to page" when printing.

I do not find the way to do the same using irfanview command line /Print to get the print of my image.

is it possible or not ?

Thanks for your reply.


Bhikkhu Pesala
20.05.2011, 03:47 PM
Take a look at i_options.txt in the IrfanView installation folder. The command line options for print are listed there. Though I have not tested it, I think you will find that /print will use the current dialogue settings, which are saved in i_view32.ini That is, the last used Fit to Page option will be used with the command line.

Example for print:
i_view32.exe c:\test.jpg /print
=> Open 'c:\test.jpg', print the image to default printer and close IrfanView
i_view32.exe c:\test.jpg /print="Printer Name"
=> Open 'c:\test.jpg', print the image to specific printer and close IrfanView
i_view32.exe c:\*.jpg /print
=> Print all JPGs from "C:\" and close IrfanView
Note: the current settings from the INI file are used.

20.05.2011, 09:00 PM
Hi Bhikkhu, i've tested the standard print to the default printer using "i_view32.exe c:\test.jpg /print" but the results is the print of the image at the original size
. In this case this produce a tiny print (due to the image definition) and i need that to be printed resized with best fit to page (as you can get it using the print option inside Irfanview interactive facilities). I get that trying to print from a c++ program. When i call a simple Windows print from the same application, i get a resized print but cannot skip a dialogue print (Vista machine). My apologies if many language mistakes. I typed this reply from my iPad whith a not easy text editor.