View Full Version : No Error-Message when trying to use illegal filename for saving

20.11.2012, 09:41 AM
This seems not to be a bug for computer nerds at all, but for a newbie or some older people it is annoying:

Windows XP SP3
Irfan 4.35
Hardware independant

When I try to save a picture in Irfan where the filename contains illegal symbols (? etc.) Irfan doesn't save the file but doesn't throw any error message to the user, that the filename contains illegal characters. Irfan just does nothing.

This is not a problem to me, but recently my mother spent time and anger when trying to save a file like: "is this a coconut?.jpg"
Could be easier for newbies like this.
This is just one of many many reasons, Mac OS X is easier to understand. No problem on mac with "?" etc.


Bhikkhu Pesala
20.11.2012, 09:48 AM
As you guessed, this is not a bug at all. It is just the way that Windows works, and other programs, e.g. FastStone Capture, will also not show any error message when trying to use an invalid file name. The dialogue doesn't close, the invalid filename is not deleted, all that the user has to do is enter a valid file name.

22.11.2012, 11:39 AM
... It is just the way that Windows works...You mean there is no way Irfan could pop up an error message?
I cannot believe it. Even the DOS-Box shows a message "Die Syntax f├╝r den Dateinamen, Verzeichnisnamen oder die Datentr├Ągerbezeichnung ist falsch." (meaning in english: The syntax for the filename, directory name or volume name is wrong)

I guess, I don't need to explain, that this would be a big help for people like my mother.

23.11.2012, 09:26 AM

since it does not close the dialog the problem is not really too big. IrfanView uses Windows dialogs for saving files so Irfan couldn't do anything to show an error message. The only way would be to rewrite the dialog and don't use the one from Windows. But this is like re-inventing the wheel...


23.11.2012, 04:25 PM
Ok, thank you.
What a pitty for people like my mother (who is really not silly by the way). But than this is a windows issue.