View Full Version : The Future is Coloured: FontCreator 7.5 Creates Coloured Fonts

Bhikkhu Pesala
03.08.2013, 07:50 PM
I haven't posted about fonts for some years, but I suspect there may be some creative types here who might be interested in creating coloured fonts.

See my review page for FontCreator (http://www.softerviews.org/FontCreator.html)

It may be some years yet before they are widely adopted, as Windows 8.1 is still in the preview stage, but developing fonts takes a lot of time, so if you want to be the first to provide coloured fonts, e.g. for mobile apps, start learning about the technology now.

My interest in fonts is more for lingistics, for publishing Buddhist texts, than for creativity. I have already created all of the fonts that I need for my publications, but there's always scope for improving them.

See my Fonts Page (http://www.softerviews.org/Fonts.html) for some free OpenType fonts with lots of symbols and extended character sets.