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Donation question (should've done this a long time ago)!

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    Donation question (should've done this a long time ago)!

    I want to donate via paypal. My question:

    - Is it still possible to donate via paypal using the email that's displayed in Irfanview's "Help - About" menu? (I'm using version 4.51).
    (Asking because I don't know if the email displayed in that menu has changed in newer versions).

    Thanks a million times over for this incredible program. My donation is long overdue.*** : p

    You can donate via PayPal on the IrfanView site
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      I agree with the OP that it's an incredible program. I came to know about it when it was included in a magazine coverdisc about 25 years ago. I was immediately hooked and have been using it every day ever since. I keep checking for a new version every few months.

      Small, light, fast and powerful - everything a computer program should be. It reminds me of the various Amiga software I used in the 1990s and still sorely miss. I even once asked Irfan if he's a former Amiga user who's influenced by it. He said no.

      I've made 2 or 3 small donations (I forget the exact number). It's well worth it.
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        I made some donations, not big ones, via PayPal on their website. It's easy and you find all the details there.