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Unimportant Tif saving bug for confirmation

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    Reported Unimportant Tif saving bug for confirmation

    I have a minor problem saving tif files under certain circumstances, using IV 4.36 on fully patched XP SP3.
    Seems an 8bpp file can be saved as 24bpp without editing or changing any settings.
    The sample I use is a 1MB, 8bpp file from

    What I do:
    Double click the sample to open it in IV.
    Press Ctrl+C.
    Open a new IV window.
    Press Ctrl+V.
    Press Ctrl+S.
    Save it with the default name Clipboard01.tif at the desktop. (my user profile has non-ASCII characters, if it matters)

    Then at the new IV window do the following:
    Press Ctrl+A. (I have this habit from office)
    Press Ctrl+V.
    Press Ctrl+S.
    Save with the same name again, Clipboard01.tif. Windows asks for replacement confirmation, click yes.

    After saving, the status bar reports the file size is 3MB now (tripled), no change in resolution or bpp.

    But opening the file shows it is a 24bpp file now...

    In spite of what the status line says it has changed to a 24bpp image — check out Edit palette from the Image menu on your original image and on Clipboard01.tif.
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      The palette is 16x16 for the original file.
      The option is grayed out for the 24bpp Clipboard.tif

      By the way, I tested with jpg files too and it happened again.
      Pressing Ctrl+A before Ctrl+V to paste in a IV window that displays an image cases the issue.
      The status bar doesn't get automatically updated as normally, but it does when clicking the pasted image.