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Inverted colours in TIFF files

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    no bug Inverted colours in TIFF files

    I have TIFF files which are created by others. They are black and white.
    When viewed in Irfanview, many of them show inverted colours, white text on black background.
    When viewed in other image viewers, there is no issue.

    See attached.

    Inverting colours is an issue because it has to be done for every file, every time it's viewed. And there are too many files as well.
    Saving to another format is not an option because TIFF files have vector properties that would be lost on conversion. Not to mention loss of quality as well.
    Attached Files

    The developer has responded and it appears the issue is with the TIFF files.
    It looks like I will have to change/convert these.


      Thanks for the feedback. I have updated the thread's status since it is not a bug in IrfanView.
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