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Window Position out of the screen

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    Window Position out of the screen

    Hi, I have a 2nd screen attached to my laptop.
    At home, this screen is on the right of my laptop, but at work it is on the left.

    If IrfanView is opened on this 2nd screen, when I switch from home to office, when I open IrfanView, it is opened "out of the display area".
    IrfanView should check the recorded window position vs the actual display characteristic and fall back to the main display area if it looks spurious, otherwise, the window can be unreachable.
    (manually editing i_view64.ini fixes the issue).

    Thank for this very useful and lightweight wonderful program.

    Hi tititou36,
    this is a user to user forum in which the developer of IrfanView does not participate.
    To answer your request (sort of): I don't have a second screen, but as far as I understand does Irfanview store its
    windows position in the .INI-file. If you want IrfanView to ckeck its windows position at the start of the program and to correct the position
    in case the values are out of screen, this will need an new programming of the program.
    You are free to write to the developer and ask him if he wants to add this feature to his program. See Help - About for his mail adress.
    Win 10/64 Home 21H1 IrfanView 4.58/64
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      I think that you can hover over the IrfanView icon on the taskbar, then right click on the IrfanView preview that pops up and click move. Then press an arrow key once (any one of them) which will lock the IrfanView window to the mouse, and you can then move the window on screen.

      A bit awkward, but a workaround none the less.