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    No Edit Selection Outline

    PROBLEM: No selection outline appears when I draw an (invisible) selection "box" normally w. mouse / left click held down as normally required.
    Selection occurs invisibly as drawn for cut / paste.. etc.
    Must ADJUST achieved invisible selection to final size by estimating border-crossing arrow centers and dragging them with the mouse to estimated positions desired..
    [Note: Fixed-ratio / custom / ideal selection frames function normally./ are visible.]
    Irfanview 64 AND Irfanview 64 plugins
    No Irfanview add-ons. Very few others.
    RE-INSTALLATIONS: Irfanview -64 and all I-64 Plugins Uninstalled / Re-installed Today.
    SYSTEM: Windows 10 (plus MS Office 365.). - Continually updated.
    SELF: Avid greatly appreciating / Not-advanced U$ User / contributor since 19XX releases.

    No such issue here with the default settings. Are you using a very high resolution monitor? Try changing the Selection Border Size in Settings, Browsing/Editing.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	Selection Rectangle.png Views:	0 Size:	195.8 KB ID:	91720
    Last edited by Bhikkhu Pesala; 16.06.2021, 07:22 AM.
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