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Paint dialog wrong size (icon and toolbar)

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    Paint dialog wrong size (icon and toolbar)

    In multimonitor environment (laptop plus additional screen connected) I noticed that the Paint dialog icon (F12) changes dramaticaly icon size/spacing when I move the toolbar from one monitor to the other one (you don't see immeditelly the change.. you have to close it and reopen it after had moved it) if you have a different Resize/Layout Win10 screen option (125% on main screen and 100% on secondary screen)
    See attached picture showing the 2 different aspect (grabbed on each screen)..
    OS Win10 / IrfanView 4.58 64bit
    If both screen has the same value (eg 125% for both) the problem doesn't happen..

    The paint plugin is no longer under development, so this is probably something you will have to live with or work around. See my forum signature for a link to site of the Paint Plugin's author.
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