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White balance click to window rarely works

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    White balance click to window rarely works

    One of the very helpful features in IrfanView used to be that you could click on a point that should be neutral grey and it tries to correct it by setting the color slider in a way that this point becomes neutrally grey. This feature used to work great, but doesn't any more.

    If you want to have an example, use Irfan's own image

    and try to correct the white balance by clicking on the stones right of his left hand and arm - it doesn't work anywhere, neither on the dark nor on the lighter ones. It works on parts of his pullover, though. In average, I think if nowadays works on less that 20% of the area in a photo, I often have photos where I cannot find any spot where it works.

    It seems to work fine anywhere for me. Click on the Original Image in the dialog, not the original image from which the dialog was opened.
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