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IV 4.35 no longer reads incorrect TIFFs

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    Reported IV 4.35 no longer reads incorrect TIFFs

    Up to Irfanview v4.33, a TIFF with "StripByteCounts a little bit too long" was successfully processed.
    With v4.35 we only see an empty page. Paint and other tools like Windows explorer show the image.

    Is it possible to support this images again ?

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    If the StripByteCounts is a little bit too long then how is this a bug in IrfanView? Surely, the application that is producing these buggy TIF files needs to be fixed.

    FYI XnView displays it OK, as does Serif™ PhotoPlus X5, though it takes far longer to load than I would expect for such a small image. PagePlus has a similar delay to load it, and displays it as blank, like IV 4.35, so it seems that the file is buggy.

    If you load and save the file using an earlier version of IV, then IrfanView 4.35 will display it correctly.
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      I hope, this is accepted as a bug in IrfanView
      - any version of IrfanView worked -- why was it changed in v4.35 ?
      - why does IrfanView not send an error ? it makes the batch feature useless.

      kind regards,