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    Requested Step through animated GIFs

    How about the ability to stop an animated GIF (or even a PNG) on each frame, and if desired, just extract that one frame?

    It sure would make it a little more handy than to go through (say) 30 extracted frames just to get to the one I really wanted.
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    An nice suggestion, but you're technically asking for 3 actions, so 3 seperate functions :
    1) step through an animation
    2) stop the animation at a certain point
    3) save the selected frame

    The current situation :
    1) Nothing to step, the animation just runs at its speed.
    2) An animated GIF can be stopped with 'G'. But this also resets to show the 1st frame. So it's not a 'stop at'.
    3) As said, one can extract all frames, and pick the right one. Easy with 6 frames, but inconvenient with 24.

    The crucial element for improvement in this case is the function 2) of the 'G' command. Removing the reset-function,
    would mean that the current frame stays shown when the stop is performed.

    More elegancy :
    1) For picking out the right frame to stop at, it would be nice to be able to adjust the speed of the animation.
    But I consider this OT, and it still only has sense if the command of 'G' has changed.
    3) This would mean a subchoice of 'extract all frames' : 'extract the selected frame'.
    A variation on this : 'extract frame nnn'.
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