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Requested: Support for webcams (still pictures as scans)

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    Requested: Support for webcams (still pictures as scans)

    Add an ability for Irfanview to trigger a webcam to take a still picture.

    Use cases:
    • For "selfies"
    • as an alternative to a document scanner (one page at a time, with an ability to build up a multi-page image manually (for later saving as multipage JPG, TIFF, PDF, or as animated GIF).
    • For close up pictures (external web cam)
    This could be added to the existing scan request dialogue (with a follow on dialogue that shows the live image and allows image to be clicked, maybe allowing access to the camera controls for exposure, colour balance, zoom etc. (like the advanced options in the Windows 10 Camera app). And/or a new dialogue. I have looked to see if anyone has published a UVC to TWAIN "shim" driver that would allow this without a change to irfanview, and this does not seem to be available.

    The initial version could be limited to cameras that support UVC drivers (windows plug and play) and then selected specialist camera with drivers supported and additional camera control features (e.g. professional videology photo id, DSLR, USB video adapters, cameras on flexible cables that can be inserted into small spaces).

    Not worth supporting older lower res camera that need a driver install.

    I would also not bother supporting video capture.

    Yes, you can use external camera applications on Windows and save the picture to later process in Irfanview but that is an extra step.