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Support DDS BC6 and BC7

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    Implemented Support DDS BC6 and BC7

    I work a lot with DDS textures and I'm used to IrfanView. But it doesn't support current compression methods. I will be very glad to see their support in the next versions.

    All details are here:

    Source code:
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    I'd like to see support of newer DDS too.

    BC4 and BC5 can be opened, but are displayed incorrectly:

    Click image for larger version  Name:	Untitled-1.jpg Views:	0 Size:	663.6 KB ID:	93250
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      FORMATS PlugIn (4.59.13) - ZIP (32 bit) or ZIP (64 bit) - Improved DDS loading (support for BC7 compression)


      As for the BC5: ATI2 opens normally (which is described as BC5*).

      As for the BC4: ATI1 can't be opened at all (which is described as BC4*).

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        Originally posted by mirrorofmadness View Post
        As for the BC4: ATI1 can't be opened at all (which is described as BC4*).
        The request in the topic title has been implemented. Please start a new topic for BC4 ATI1 (a Bug Report topic would be best. If it turns out to be missing feature, I can move it). Archive a sample file and attach it to the post.

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