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Please add a "repeat last command" for Effects

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    Please add a "repeat last command" for Effects

    I use the Image -> Effects -> Blur to obfuscate person info on screen snips I want to send or otherwise have other see. But the Blur function needs to be applied at least 5 times to be effective, so too many mouse clicks.

    I'd like there to be a "repeat last command", so I'd do the first trip through the menu, then hit the "repeat last command" 4 times as required to blur enough for my purposes.

    I looked in the Help and here in the Forums, and haven't found such a feature. If I'm missing a way to do this, please let me know.

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    Two solutions for you:

    1. Assign your own hotkey to the Blur command.

    - Click Image | Effects and then right-click on Blur (a menu pops up)
    - Click Change menu hotkey...
    - Press a new hotkey, for example Shift+B

    Now you can invoke the Blur command by pressing that hotkey as many times as you want.

    This is covered in the IrfanView Help on the Overview | Hotkeys page where it says:

    "(INFO: You can change most menu hotkeys with the Right mouse click on menu item)"


    2. Use the Effects Browser and apply Blur once at an appropriate strength.

    - Click Image | Effects | Effects browser... - or better still just use the hotkey Ctrl+E
    - Click Blur and set the strength you want. You even get a nice preview of what the blurred region will look like.

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      Thanks for the solutions! I used your first suggestion; now I just hammer on the SHIFT-B until the blurring is sufficient. Perfecto!

      I was unaware of the RCLICK -> Change menu hotkey feature. Now I need to assign a few more hotkeys.

      Too cool to live, too smart to die!