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Dicom, dcm no longer working in 4.54 version

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    Dicom, dcm no longer working in 4.54 version

    Yesterday I updated to Irfanview 4.54 in 64 bit and 32 bit and installed the plugins for 4.54 in their respective folders for 64 and 32 bit, on my decktop and my laptop respectively.
    Today I needed to open a .dcm file (my dogs x-ray) and to double check, a dicom (of my mri from years ago) which I could open with no problem before (older versions of irfanview), and neither would open with the 4.44 or the 4.54 versions. All I got was a massive amount of grey-scale noise with both different files.
    I double checked the plugin folder placements and all is good there. I do plan on removing the 32 bit off my x64 computer, but installed to check and see if I would have the same issues with the 32-bit version and I did.
    I am having this issue issue with both my desktop and my laptop so I do not believe there is a hardware issue (two different machines).
    I just wanted to report this and see if there is a fix!

    Fortunately I have another dicom viewer that came with my mri years ago and was able to view my dogs xrays.

    My computer specs if needed:
    ASUS PC M51AC Series: Intel i7-4770 CPU @ 3.40GHz: 16.0GB RAM: x64-bit, 2TB hard drive.
    Running: Windows 10 Home, v2004, build 19041.450

    Thank you very much ahead of time for your assistance in this matter.

    Please zip the problematic file and attach it so that we can check if it is a problem only for you.
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