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Multipage PDF page limit?

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    Multipage PDF page limit?


    I have 32 png images that I want to combine into a multipage PDF using option>multipage images. All source images have the same pixel dimensions and dpi. It produces an error on image 29 and the output file only contains pages 1-28.

    Is there a page or file size limit that I'm encountering? Something else? I don't see anything unusual with the page 29 source image.

    Many thanks,

    I had no problem creating a PDF from 30 high resolution PNG images. Try removing the page 29 source image from the list and see if it still stops at 28 pages.
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      Thanks for the suggestion. I did try that and it stopped earlier, at page 27. I tried again and it stopped at 19. This made me think it had nothing to do with Irfanview, but maybe some other application was accessing the files (like google backup maybe). I waited a bit and tried again with all pages and it worked.

      Thanks again for your help.