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Can't open file for writing:

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    Can't open file for writing:

    IrfanVIEW works great on hard drive, but when loaded to CD I get the above error message that lists the file it is looking for as


    version 3.95


    Probably this is because "D:\slideshow.lst" is part of the IV ini-file on the disk.
    Rest In Peace, Sam!


      Good ol' Sam popped in while I was still thinking LOL

      You are running an IrfanView slideshow from a CD? Your description is not too clear. Is D:\ the CD drive letter or is it a hard drive? Is there a file list in the right place? More detailed questions are easier to answer, since we aren't looking through your eyes.

      If you have IrfanView configured normally to open a slideshow from the last folder it ran one in, and don't change that, it could be a problem. Everything is in the INI file, including last open and save locations. All that becomes permanent on a CD. Always copy everything to a directory in which everything will be just as it will be on the CD, and check the INI (with a text editor).

      You really ought to update it too - v4 is nice, and the help file is very helpful
      Its: Belongs to "It"
      It's: Shortened form of "It is"
      Lose: Fail to keep
      Loose: Not tight

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        So we're even ..
        Rest In Peace, Sam!


          I set everything up in a hard drive folder.
          IrFanVIEW works great.
          I copy all files to the CD
          Everything except IrFanVIEW works.
          View shows thumbnails, shows list in add window and upon clicking play the error message come up.
          When I close the error message the slideshow starts but with one photo.

          D:/ is the CD drive


            It starts with the first one of the list ?

            I was puzzled by the error-message, because just slideviewing doesn't seem to involve any writing, just reading.
            And of course a data-CD is read-only.

            But after monitoring the process, I noticed some writing involved.
            1) If no slideshow.lst file exist, and one opens the dialog on the CD, add some files for a show, and start it, then,
            after closing the show, IV would attempt to write a slideshow.lst file. Plus a line in the ini-file Opendir=.
            But this would be a problem after the process.
            2) So there is a 'slideshow.lst' on the CD.
            The fact that in this case this file is in the main root of D instead of the root-dir of IV is another discussion.
            But a slideshow.lst file contains the full local path to the image files, so if this file is made on the HD,
            and then copied to the CD ... Maybe IV even has another root-dir on the CD than on the HD.
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            Rest In Peace, Sam!