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disabling scrolling through images but not previous / next buttons

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    disabling scrolling through images but not previous / next buttons

    Before I make this a feature request, or a bug report, I'd like to make sure it can't be done already.

    I find the way Irfanview (4.0) scrolls through a folder with the scroll wheel less than useful because it's very difficult to control it with my touchpad. I only do it by accident. I use a touchpad with scroll bars so there are no clicks to give positive feedback of the position. In a folder with a lot of images, it scrolls through them so fast I may as well be being given a random image.

    The only way I can turn it off is to untick the first option under Options->Properties->Misc 1 (View all files in directory...) but that stops me being able to move through the folder at all, even using the Previous file / Next file buttons on the tool bar. Surely, that's a bug?

    Is there currently any way to disable the overly enthusiastic scrolling through images in the folder with the scroll wheel, without losing the feature of moving throug the files all together?

    It is pretty fast with a scroll-wheel mouse too. Do you have left and right cursor keys on your keyboard? Otherwise, try thumbnail view (T).

    I don't see why you need to disable the touchpad feature if you can click the toolbar buttons instead.
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      I need to disable it simply because I do it by accident, quite often. Which means I quite often find myself looking at a completely different image than the one I was trying to look at. That wouldn't happen with a scroll wheel mouse but it happens too often with a touch pad.

      Also, when I'm viewing a large image that isn't resized to fit the window, I use scrolling to look at different parts of the picture. So, depending on the magnification level, the scroll bar does two very different things, which I really don't like and find confusing.

      If I could disable the View all files in a folder option but still use the Next and Previous buttons on the tool bar, that would make sense to me. I don't really mind whether clicking the image moves to the next or previous one or not, so whether I have independant control over enabling/disabling the scrolling with the scroll bar function isn't important, I just need to be able to turn it off and still have some way of moving through the images in the folder, e.g. with the tool bar buttons.