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    Can't jump to next image

    Using Windows XP Home SP2, Irfanview 4.10, Microsoft Wireless Entertainment Keyboard 8000 + Microsoft Wireless Laser Mouse 8000.

    No matter what I change in the options I can't get Irfanview to show the next image in a folder. Anyone know of a solution (noooooooo... don't tell me to change keyboards lol)?

    Are the toolbar buttons greyed out? Properties, Toolbar to enable the buttons if they are not there.
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      Hi BigBob,

      What do you do to try to show the next image? And what happens?

      Before you post ... fill in your OS and IV version in your profile.


        There are two option settings that could cause your problem:

        If Options -> Misc 1 -> View all files in directory
        is not checked, then you can not navigate to another image. Even the arrow keys on the toolbar are disabled (but NOT greyed out!). The file count on the toolbar will show "1/1" (thought the count in the status bar at the bottom of the window will show the number of files in the directory).

        If Options -> Extensions -> Load only associated types while moving through directory
        is selected and the file types in your directory are not "associated types" (e.g., you clicked "clear all" on this options pane).


          I am having ther same problem as Big Bob - using Irfran View 4.10 with Vista 32

          In a directory with many jpg images I can see the thumbnail of all the images, and I can select and view any of the images. But once having viewed an image I can't use the space bar or arrow key to move to the next image. I get a error message that says:

          "Decode error"
          "Error loading image"

          Any ideas?



            I am running into the same issue, and I can't seem to consistently repro it. The next/previous buttons sometimes appear grayed out, in a context where the software should detect that there are more images to cycle through. And the corresponding next/previous kb controls don't do anything either.

            Click image for larger version  Name:	2023-05-23 22_43_32-Pior Oberson 2903202350.jpg - IrfanView (Zoom_ 790 x 1078).png Views:	0 Size:	1.2 KB ID:	97953?

            - I've tried both x32 and x64 versions of the program but can't seem to notice a difference in behavior (both are unpredictable)
            - OS : win10 x64
            - IrfanView version : currently using 4.62 x32
            - When tested by viewing images from the same folder, the default Windows Photos app manages to go to next/previous just fine.

            FWIW :

            - This behavior isn't system wide. During the same windows session, IView does manage to cycle images as expected in some cases, but not in others. For instance in my current case, It has no issues cycling images placed directly on the desktop, but can't do so for some images placed in another folder. But the folder location isn't the whole story, as some images seem to trigger the issue but not others. I can't seem to isolate a unique triggering factor.

            Of course I'd appreciate any suggestion ; but most importantly, I'd love to know of any documented case where this issue has been fixed in practice one way or another. This is a serious critical bug.


              Bumping this again. Sure enough this must have been encountered by some ...


                Apparently, anyone who encountered this issue was able to solve it by using the advice given by cwb3106.

                Pasting an image from the clipboard will also disable browsing, but I have no problem browsing images on disk.
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                  These two options certainly do what they are supposed to do, and I can see how they could result in some users not understanding why they can't go to next/previous. However this wasn't my case here, as I already had them set to the logical setting to enable navigation to next/previous .

                  However, this led me to try something else. There is a unclearly labled tickbox that seems to act as an override for the way file associations work (probably related to the weird, new way to associate files with "apps" that has been introduced by win10). Toggling this option to the opposite of what I had it as, then back to what it was originally seems to have done the trick somehow, at least for now. This is strange though as I don't see how it could possibly relate to the ability to go the next/previous image. Can't tell if the problem comes from Win10 or from IV on that one.

                  See this GIF. Neither of the two states is the fix in and of itself, as both result in the same behavior. But merely toggling the option from one to the other seems to have fixed the issue.

                  Click image for larger version  Name:	disabled arrow keys.gif Views:	0 Size:	375.1 KB ID:	98004

                  All that to say that if anyone runs into the issue, perhaps try this odd "fix".
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