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Image blurring at pixel level

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    Image blurring at pixel level

    I just upgraded from V 4.20 to V 4.23.

    When I open an image and zoom in so I can see individual pixels it is no longer possible to see the pixels sharply. They are all blurred together. This did not happen with V 4.20.

    However, if I go to the Edit menu and open InfanPaint toolset, the pixels become sharp. They blur again when InfanPaint is closed.

    Does anyone know what is happening?



    Yes. V4.23 began making the setting View>Display options (window mode)>Use "Resample" for fitting (better quality) as the default. Therefore, when zooming the image's pixels will be smoother and less pixelated (as you would perceive it when viewing at normal size). Paint implies editing, so the resample is temporarily disabled so you can work on the "real" pixels with precision. You can also disable this setting if you like, since it speeds things up, but it is better generally for viewing, especially when zoomed out. The resample filter for upsampling is taken from the Image>Resize/Resample dialog (CTRL+R).

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      Thanks, Skippybox, that took care of it.

      I've been surprised how often I use IrfanView since I downloaded it. It's becoming my "Swiss Army knife" for quickly taking care of a variety of images and graphic tasks.

      The latest one which promped my question involved making some custom icons for the Firefox bookmark toolbar. Thus my need to view at the pixel level.



        Hi, I know it's 11 years old topic, but I'm pretty sure it's the best choice to post here, google search leads here anyway.

        I would like that when I zoom in small image, it do not blur (I guess that blur = resample),
        but if I zoom out an image larger than my screen resolution, it resample.

        I see 2 options: "Resample for fitting (better quality)" and "Resample for zooming".
        They seems to both do the same effect.
        I hope you can help me solve my problem.
        (version 4.58, win 32bits)