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pdf/ghostscript problems

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    pdf/ghostscript problems

    I cannot open pdf files. I have downloaded some AFPF Ghostscript 8.54 files from the website but still cannot open pdf files in irfanview 4.00.

    These are the files listed on that website. I donwloaded only the ones asterisked (*): Do I need to download all of these files? Any other ideas??

    File: MD5SUMS 1 KB
    File: SHA1SUMS 1 KB
    *File: ghostscript-8.54.tar.bz2 12096 KB
    *File: ghostscript-8.54.tar.gz 14699 KB
    *Directory: ghostscript-fonts-std-8.11.tar.gz
    File: 12618 KB
    File: 16355 KB
    File: gs854w32.exe 12669 KB
    * File: gs854w64.exe 13127 KB

    I don't understand why anyone wants to open PDF files in Irfan View. No way is a plugin ever going to be as versatile as a dedicated reader. There are several threads on the problems with different flavours of Ghostscript.

    Use a PDF viewer to view PDF files. If you don't like Adobe Reader because it is a bit bloated and slow to load, then try PDF-XChange. It is far better, slightly faster, and also allows you to add comments to PDF files.
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      if you really want to use IrfanView for viewing pdf files you will need to download the plugin package.

      I´d prefer a standalone viewer (like Bhikkhu posted) to open pdf files ...



        The reason I like to use Irfanviewer for pdf files is because I can look at alot of different map file types all at once and quickly, without switching back and forth between viewers. Very convenient. I have Adobe Reader as well.


          Hi lsafford,

          Steve is right, viewing PDF files requires the plugins. That means IrfanView's plugins and AFPL GhostScript.

          Some comments on Bikkhu Pesala's post.

          Sometimes we prefer to use a general program than a specific one. I think it's a matter of convenience and needs.

          - Example 1. With Adobe Reader (for sure dedicated to PDF: it opens nothing else), I can't make a TIFF file from a PDF, but with IrfanView and GhostScript I can. Which one is more versatile?

          - Example 2. Sometimes I want to see my Nikon's NEF with IrfanView (it shows also Canon's CRW/CR2 images, useful to compare or browse through directories, for slide shows...), and sometimes I want to use Nikon's dedicated software (but it does not shows CRW/CR2).

          Should we always use a dedicated program for each file format then should we also uninstall IrfanView. And what isn't clear to me is what makes a program more dedicated than another to view a given type of file. I believe there is no "must". As I wrote above, it's a matter of convenience and needs.

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