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    Multi page image printing

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I 've installed Irfan viewer. I've an image(.jpg) witht he size 22" x 22.5". I want to print that image in multiple A4 papers as we dont have lotter. How can I print big image with pieces of A4 papers so that I will attach all A4 papers to form full image.

    Thanks in advance

    As far as I know, this is not currently possible with Irfan View. I would recommend using a Desktop Publishing Program for this kind of work. It is much more powerful when it come to designing posters. You can add borders, caption text, crop marks, etc.

    Try the free version of Page Plus. It will open PNG JPG and TIFF images and it will tile pages (see the layout tab on the Print dialogue). You can decide on how much tile overlap to use too.

    PagePlus SE 1.0
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      You can do it in Irfan View but you have to do your own calculations. This is what you do;
      1. Work out how many sheets you need. In your example you could use 6 A4 sheets - 2 wide x 3 high, landscape. (Print area of each 11"x7.5")
      2. You have to work in Pixels so Go to Image>Information to see the image size. Lets assume it says 2200x2250 (i.e 100 dpi). Each A4 page will have 1100x750 pixels. That's 2200/2 and 2250/3 (round up when it's not exact).
      3. Press Shift C to open Custom Selection. Select None in Left hand frame and Width 1100, Height 750 pixels in Right hand. Set X to 0 and Y to 0, and then Apply.
      4. The selection box should show the area of your first print. Go to File>Print , select Landscape and Original Size. The thumbnail shows the selected area and (hopefully) gives the size as 11"x7.5". Print the 1st sheet.
      5. Repeat 3 and 4 for the other sheets, keeping Width 1100 and Height 750 but setting X,Y in turn to 1100,0 ; 0,750 ; 1100,750 ; 0,1500 ; 1100,1500

      Not too bad for 6 sheets but if you have many more, yes you do need a program that does it automatically .
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