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IrfanView and RTF files

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    IrfanView and RTF files

    Is IrfanView able to open .rtf files?

    And, is IrfanView able to batch convert .rtf files to .tif files? I have a bunch of .rtf files that I want to convert to .tif files.

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    Seeing as how RTF (Rich Text Format) is a word processing format, and IrfanView is a graphic viewer (supreme) I would say no.

    Now, if you wanted to open RTF files as simple text, than that might be a simple feature request. However you will find that opening most RTF files with a simple text editor, or viewer, will not show as you would expect. There will be plenty of RTF coding entries there, that you may not be aware of, or not wanting to see, either.
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      What you are talking about here is rendering, i.e. printing, the RTF files to page images. You have to be aware that the RTF files could in principle be any length, so one RTF could result in multiple page images, so unless you know your RTF files are all single-page layouts your scripting has to be clever enough to handle this.

      I think either MS Word or OpenOffice/StarOffice could be scripted with a macro to batch open and print your files. However the output file formats are limited, and TIFF isn't one of them.

      The two std output formats are PDF or HTML. If you can find a converter for either for these you have a way forward.

      Maybe Ghostscript would allow you to print to Postscript and then render the pages, but I don't know Ghostscript's options well enough to be sure.


        ChuckE is right. This is not only about different formats, but also about different categories of media.
        Why should IV be able to open .rtf files ? It's like demanding Photoshop to open an OGG-file.
        So direct conversion is not very relevant in such cases.

        Often in such a situation the solution needs a kind of a third 'state in between', as a kind of transition.
        So in this case, if I follow the interpretation of colin_e, each page of a rtf-document should be show on the screen,
        and IV would do a screenshot of the area, to make a TIF-file of it. Which can be material to edit further.
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