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IrfanView 4.57 - can't select Italian language

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    IrfanView 4.57 - can't select Italian language

    I have already post this question in PortableApps Forum: see

    In short when I tried to change language from English to Italian, IrfanView Portable 4.57 (32 bit) says:
    --> Can't load language DLL!

    By The Way
    if you browse from program the folder 'C:\PortableApps\IrfanViewPortable\App\IrfanView\L anguages', You see that the two italian .DLL have'nt release number.

    The answer of John T. Haller to my question is:
    Publisher Issue

    Looks like the publisher has an invalid italian dll. We always use the publisher posted ones. It's not something we can fix.
    Do You can fix this problem ?
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    On the IrfanView Languages page there is no DLL listed for Italian. Either the publisher needs to update it or someone else needs to write one. If you want to write your own you can download the software developer's toolkit from the bottom of the language page.
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      File : 'Readme.txt' - Info about IrfanView language SDK
      Author: Irfan Skiljan


      1) You can translate dialogs/menues/messages from the resources and
      create additional language DLLs for IrfanView 3.85 and above.
      MS Visual C++ is needed and you must know how to use VC++
      See below...


      2) You can use a DLL editor like "RisohEditor" or "Resource Hacker"
      and edit the "Basic.dll" file.

      Using Visual Studio:

      0. IrfanView version 3.85 or later is needed

      1. The IrfanView language SDK can be compiled with MS Visual C++ 6 or later.
      (project upgrade from "Basic.dsw" possible)
      There are 2 project files for Visual Studio 6 (Basic.dsw) and Visual Studio 2013 (Basic.sln).
      The project MUST be compiled in 'Release' mode, menu: "Build->Configurations->Win32 Release".

      2. Translate dialogs/menues/strings to your language (see ResourceView tab in VC++)
      (don't change any IDs, just translate)

      3. Don't forget to put some infos about you in the 'TRANSLATOR_INFO' field in the string table ;-)

      4. Rename/link the DLL from 'Basic.dll' to 'Your_language.dll'

      5. Copy the DLL from the 'Release' folder into your 'IrfanView\Languages\' folder

      6. Test/activate your DLL in IrfanView: 'Properties->Language'

      - When you are finished with testing, you can send me your language DLL
      and I will make it available for the rest of us ;-)

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        Language DLLs are created by people, who translate IrfanView to different languages. You may contact the translator for help.
        In the language settings dialog, highlight the DLL. Bellow the selection box, there is a box displaying information about the translator.
        IrfanView 4.57 64bit, Windows 10 20H2


          Thanks for replies of @Bhikkhu Pesala and @JendaLinda.

          In effect the page of available languages is IrfanView Languages for version 4.57 and 4.56
          From this page I have downloaded the Italian ZIP file and this archive contains these files:

          2009-01-19 13:01 663 320 Readme.txt
          2010-05-23 17:19 9496 3323 IP_Italian.lng
          2021-01-15 11:26 192512 43861 Italian.dll
          and italian .DLL do not works with IrfanView 4.57.

          But I have already solved with italian language of ver. 4.56. ?

          Thanks again for Your support.