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Scanning problems with Officejet Pro 8600

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    Scanning problems with Officejet Pro 8600

    I have an old Officejet Pro 8600 all-in-one printer that I retired because it won't print in black and white if it is out of expensive color ink (smart thinking, HP. I'll never again buy one of your products.) I bought a Brother laser printer, and it's great.

    I'd like to use the Officejet as a dedicated scanner, since it has a great page feed. I used Irfanview to run my old scanner, but I can't seem to get the Officejet to work correctly. I plugged the scanner in, and Windows 10 said it installed the printer correctly. After opening Irfanview, I was able to select the Officejet as the Twain source, but nothing happened when I tried to scan.
    I tried downloading the basic Officejet drivers from HP, and they allowed scanning. The first time I used Irfanview after rebooting, it allowed me to scan one time, but subsequent times it gave me a "Twain driver not installed or cannot connect" error, and there was nothing under "Select Twain Source." After rebooting the computer, I was able to find the Twain source again, but only one time before it quit working. Windows Fax and Scan, and NAPS2 both work.

    Edit: To update, I found that after scanning one page, I am unable to scan another page either in single page or multipage modes, until I close and reopen Irfanview. Then I can again scan a single page. The WIA driver doesn't work at all (it works better than the Twain driver in NAPS2.)

    I have the latest version of Irfanview 32 bit with Ghostscript 32 bit installed. The Officejet is connected by USB.
    Any ideas? Thanks.

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