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    Solved Browsing only to supported file formats

    Hello. One thing I often do is open an image and then scroll with arrow keys to other images in the same directory. IrfanView will attempt to view seemingly any other file, including ones that it can't necessarily display. Is there a way to change the behavior to only view e.g., images? I don't use this app for anything else, but I come back to it because it's so darn fast.

    Thanks in advance!

    See Settings, Extensions, Load Custom file types. You can choose only common image types if you want, or set RAW images to use Preview images in Settings, Plugins, for faster browsing especially in 32-bit IrfanView.
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      1. Run IrfanView as Administrator
      2. Go to Options - Properties/Settings
      3. Go to Extensions
      4. Select the options highlighted in the picture
      5. Click OK

      Click image for larger version

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      Using IrfanView 4.58 64bit, Windows 10 21H1, Intel Core i5-3570, 16GB RAM, AMD Radeon RX550 2GB


        Oh, y'all are wonderful. Thank you for the quick responses, and JendaLinda for the super clear instructions.
        My mind didn't even register the "Extensions" section, I was just looking at the Browsing/Editing section.