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    Solved The disk is full!

    Wanted to share this - have been trying to get IrfanView to do a pretty large batch resize/conversion of a metric ton of photos with an overwrite and been running into "The disk is full!" - it was intermittent, and we could not figure out what the problem was - large drive, rights, directory, Windows Defender, etc. Finally, after a lot of experimenting, we discovered that this is the error IrfanView throws when the file you are trying to overwrite has its read only archive bit set - yep, that bit Windows ignores, and you never really deal with. Sure enough, most of the files had the read only archive bit set. A quick attrib -r *.jpg /s command later, and the batch took off and performed exactly as planned.

    So - if you are trying to do a batch conversion where you overwrite the original with the processed file, and you get this error - check the read only archive bit. This sure had us going around in circles, since the error IrfanView throws is sorta out of left field...
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