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Bizarre problem when trying to view .jpg image gallery

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    Bizarre problem when trying to view .jpg image gallery

    Hello. I have been user of IrfanView for a long time (win10 btw), but some update has really messed up something with the way my favourite image viewer works on my PC, and I have no idea what to do, no matter how many times I reinstall it or try to follow general FAQs. So, I am posting here, kindly asking somebody to help.

    The problem is really bizarre. So, let's say I have a folder of 1000 photos, from a mobile phone which I connect to my PC. I sort them by date in the file explorer. I also set IrfanView to sort by date (sort file list -> by exif date). And then, no matter what photo do I choose, when I press arrow keys IrfanView only cycles through random very few of them in a folder of like 1000. Sometimes it's random 5, sometimes it's random 8, sometimes it's random 7 of those images, and I cannot view more of them, it says the folder has ended. That's seriously it, the entire problem, and I couldn't find it described anywhere. Literally all photos in the folder are in .jpg format and can be individually opened in Irfanview - but I can't scroll through all of them using arrow keys, because of the aforementioned mechanism.

    So, uhh, does anybody have any idea what's wrong and how to fix this, so I can just go view all photos from my folder in a row, by date, by pressing arrow keys?

    The problem is with the way that Windows deals with the path to the mobile phone images. If you copy all of the images to the hard drive, you will not see this issue.
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