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F12 stops working

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    Solved F12 stops working

    I have had this happen before, and I can't remember what fixed it. I use the F12 key often to bring up the paint dialog. "Something" gets corrupted and F12 instead of bringing up the paint dialog, it it displays the next image. But if I got to Edit->Paint Dialog it works fine. I am so use to hitting F12 it is a bit irritating. I did a reinstall but didn't to a remove reinstall. Is there something other than that that might fix it? I am on Version 4.60 64 bit on Windows 11.

    Thank you

    Try right-clicking on the Edit Menu, Show Paint Dialog to change the hot key. Then change it back again to F12.

    If it helps, I use shortcut Alt+P for Settings/Properties, then I can use P to show the Paint Dialog.
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      Thank you Bhikkhu,
      Sorry for the delay but I didn't get notified of reply. That did it!!