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HTML templates are ignored

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    HTML templates are ignored

    Hi, I tried to use "Save selected thumbs as HTML file..."
    This works, but there is the option "Folder with HTML templates", pointing by default to "C:\Program Files\IrfanView\Html"
    I checked this folder, there are a few HTML files.
    I copied them to a new folder (C:\Program Files\IrfanView\Html2\) and did some changes to frame.html and thumbnails.html.
    Then I selected this folder in the menu and created the HTML files. It worked, but none of the changes made to the templates was used.
    I tried a few times, nothing changed. When I delete the html files from he C:\Program Files\IrfanView\Html2\ folder the program complains that it can't find these files, but after copying them back it does not matter what the content of frame.html or thumbnails.html is, they are ignored. I even wrote complete nonsense into these two, no changes to the output files.
    First I thought it would take the files from the default folder, but even if I change these files the content is not read and the output is always the same.

    Am I doing something wrong?

    I have never tried changing the path. Did you read copy_files.txt ?

    ; this is a UTF-8 text file
    ; comment lines start with ";"
    ; copy these files to the destination HTML folder
    ; useful if you have your own template files with special files, styles etc.

    ; examples for files (subfolders can be used => will be created in dest. folder)
    ; (commented)

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      Thanks, but I don't want/need to add any new files.
      I only want minor changes in the existing frame.html and thumbnails.html.
      But nothing works. These files have to exist or IrfanView complains they are missing. (So I know I edit the correct files).
      But it does not matter what the content of these is. Not in the default folder nor in any other folder you choose. It seems IrfanView has these files stored somewhere else with the same content.