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Outdated version of IrfanView via winget

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    Outdated version of IrfanView via winget

    Outdated version of IrfanView via winget

    Hello and good morning,
    I now install and update among other things IrfanView with winget. Unfortunately, as the current versioon only 4.6.0 and not 4.6.2 is displayed.

    Now I wonder if you can / must maintain the database for winget itself, or on the provider of the respective current version is responsible for this - or whether the lack of timeliness is due to the fact that the latest version has not yet been uploaded to the winget server.

    And one more question: Is it possible to install and update the iView plugins via winget? I haven't found them yet, or do you need a special parameter?

    Many greetings

    Winget should make sure that it's database is up to date. Plugins cannot be installed from the App Store.

    It is advisable to download the application and plugins (32-bit and 64-bit) from the official IrfanView download page.
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